5 best free code editors
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If you are still discovering web development, or if you have a few years of practice but are still looking for new tools, then you are interested in code editors. There is a lot of it on the market, but it is important to choose the one that suits you best quickly, to take it in hand and progress with it. Because each code editor has its peculiarities and some "tricks", it is always better to focus on your choice and not change every month! For you, we have published our list of 5 code editors that we particularly like.






Atom is not the oldest code editor of our selection, quite the opposite. But this new guy is getting noticed. Edited by the team already author of Github, it is free, open-source, and can bend to your every wish with a lot of setting possibilities. Atom is available for Mac (in binary) and compiling on Windows and Linux. It comes standard with 50 open-source packages but you can extend the features to your liking (colors, suggestion of auto-completion, distraction-free mode, etc.).









UltraEdit is 20 years old already! It is part of a suite of products developed by IDM Computer Solutions. You can work on a wide variety of languages, including HTML, PHP, javascript, Perl, C / C ++, and other Python. UltraEdit is on the other hand paying (license of $ 79 for one year) but you have the assurance to have a publisher that is in perpetual evolution, with a strong development team to the controllers. You can of course download a trial version to familiarize yourself with UltraEdit at first.




Sublime Text





Behind this name a little rotten, it is granted to you, hides however a publisher of code popular and rather well thought out. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, for the same price as UltraEdit, Sublime Text is simple. Simple and effective, it is what describes it best. The editing area of ​​the source code is clear and the tree structure of your files on the left readable. Fast navigation right through the page preview is also a real plus. We also like the control pallet for current operations, very fast.







Can we talk about Notepad++ objectively? Not sure ! We love it. In fact, Notepad ++ does not really compare with other code writers for heavy use, but if you're new to it, or if you just need to edit a few files from time to time, it will do the trick. Notepad ++ is free, but only available for Windows.









With Coda, you can code all the elements of a website from a single interface, very well thought and fluid. Coda is a bit of Notepad ++ alternative for Mac users. Count $ 99 for a full license, but as a bonus, you will have the Diet Coda version to code even on your tablet. Cool ! Cool !




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