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Responsive. Perfect display on all size displays. products include the most current HTML5, CSS and Responsive JavaScript coding for Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Visual Studio, NotePad ++, Sublime Text or practically any other code editor. They are ready-to-go for a fast, high-quality website.

Our templates are written using document structuring according to HTML5, and CSS3 standards ... including jQuery and Bootstrap responsive architecture. HTML5 has features not found in earlier HTML ... these new features allow for some very useful and visually exciting elements. In addition, search engines reward pages that are well structured and content structure is built-in our websites. Our HTML5 designers create attractive pages with grace and style while adhering to principal code validation.

Thoughtful design themes and coding

Design themes that actually fit your business... Our designers and project managers strive to understand and create the basic pages required for a particular business niche.

Our programmers understand HTML5 and CSS website templates provide for smaller file sizes and faster browser rendering. By taking styles out of the HTML page and putting it into a standalone imported style sheet (also referred to as a .css file) you can reduce the overall amount of code in your web pages. Pages with less code have smaller file sizes and it is generally known Google, Yahoo! and Bing reward pages with higher ranking that load quickly.